Guidance Session

We will work together to resolve whatever problems you are facing. We will look at the ways these issues are creating difficulty in your life and then we will look into solutions. We will go wherever we need to go to get you back home and feeling good again.

In these sessions I will provide guidance to you from my many years of experience in the counseling industry. We will approach your concerns as feedback that your body and mind are giving to you in response to a stimuli. These are not therapy session as there will be no diagnosing, pathology, or saying that you have a disorder. You may have symptoms that are similar to certain diagnoses, and we will address those as common responses that people have to life and situations that they encounter.

My own Mantra or Song Session

We will write the lyrics and music to your own song or mantra.

  • Your own voice is the one you hear the most often.
  • Your voice has its own pathway that lights up in your brain.
  • Your own voice is a powerful tool that can be used to encourage and energize your soul.
  • You can use your own voice, or an AI voice if you choose.
  • You can create the track you want to listen to every day!

Soul Guidance Session

We will tune into the Universe and ask for guidance and direction. We will draw one or more oracle cards to receive messages and guidance from the Universe. I will tap into my intuition and share the messages I receive from your guides. We will talk about your Soul and how to connect with your purpose, to heal old wounds, and to improve relationships.

Book Club

We will pick a book to read and discuss. We will have meet up calls to talk about what we learn in the books. There will be a Facebook group that you can join to discuss and make comments about the book of the month.


We will meet as a group online for various topics. We will learn skills, discuss and share ideas with one another. Workshops include book clubs, women’s groups, soul searching groups, recovery, boundaries and life purpose.

Women’s Group

We will meet online once a week or twice a month depending on the groups needs and desires. In this space you can connect with other women, listen and learn from each other and build friendships. In person gatherings are optional as well.

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