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At BackRoadSoul we are mining for gold

 We will dig in to discover the barriers that block you from living your best life

We will identify the gold in your soul that ignites your spirit.

My name is Shelly

I will be your guide. I am glad you are here, and I look forward to meeting you.



Soul Guidance Process


Tune up and get back on the road


Tap into your inner strength


Discover your purpose and ignite your soul


My name is Shelly and I have been helping people solve problems for most of my life. I have worked in clinical therapy settings and I am in long term recovery from addiction. I will utilize my experience and intuition to support you on your journey to wellness. BackRoadSoul is a place where you can come in and just be yourself.

What Brings you here?

I Need

  • To sort things out
  • To take some kind of action
  • To let something go
  • To communicate better
  • To listen and be heard connection

I Will

  • Take responsibility for my life and actions
  • Ask for feedback from family and friends
  • Recognize the impact I have on other people
  • Examine and challenge my core beliefs
  • Consciously decide who I want to be
  • Practice acceptance

I Am

  • Committed to making changes
  • Willing to see things differently
  • Willing to do things differently
  • Ready to challenge myself

I Want To

  • Move forward with purpose
  • Do what is right for my life
  • Improve my self-esteem
  • Create healthy habits
  • Learn coping skills
  • Increase social support
  • Improve my physical health
  • Be happy


Workshops will be introduced and scheduled here.

Book Club

We will pick a book to read and discuss. 

My own Mantra or Song Session

We will write the lyrics and music to your own song or mantra.

Soul Guidance Session

We will tune into the Universe and ask for guidance and direction.

Women’s Group

We will meet online once a week or twice a month depending on the groups needs and desires. In this space you can connect with other women, listen and learn from each other and build friendships. In person gatherings are optional as well.

What do we do here?

We will create a personal profile to identify what is going well in your life and where you might need a tune-up.

1. We will look at your “Food for Thought”

  • What are you feeding your mind?
  • What is the voice in your head telling you?
  • What are you listening to and talking about?

2. We will Review your Daily Routine

  • What energizes you and brings you joy
  • What are your creative outlets and hobbies?
  • Are you spending time outdoors in nature?
  • Are you getting enough exercise?

3. We will identify your Core Beliefs

  • What are your strengths?
  • What gets in the way of you doing what you want to do?
  • What old messages make you believe you are not enough?


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We can meet via video, chat, or phone.



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